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Make your selection and sign-up for your weekly or bi-weekly nuts and dried fruits snack mix delivery!


Nutfull we prepare a box with 5 daily containers. Different healthy snack mixes for you every week!


We will deliver to your home or office. Enjoy your nut and dried fruit snacks a handful a day. We promise they will be as healthy as it gets!

Our Products


Healthy does not have to be boring. Nutfull prepares healthy snack mixes every week using all natural, highest quality, and fresh ingredients. Our Nutfull Nutritionists prepare different mixes every week so that it is exciting. You can enjoy them and feel better because you will be helping your body. Our snack mixes are not 80% peanuts!


Heart Health Snack Mix

50% Nuts and Seeds

50% Dried Fruits


Weight Loss Snack Mix

80% Nuts and Seeds

20% Dried Fruits


Digestive Health Snacks

80% Dried Fruits

20% Nuts and Seeds

Nutfull Promise

At Nutfull we use only whole foods in their natural form, avoid highly processed and artificial ingredients. We use only high-quality nuts – carefully selected then dry roasted. We use only unsulfured fruit – our fruit has been preserved without the use of sulfites.



John Fog
John Fog
Personal Trainer

“I eat tons of nuts and seeds. It’s the healthiest thing! Nutfull makes it easy for me to eat a variety rather than just cashews and maximize the benefit with daily packages.”

Jerry Johnsson
Jerry Johnsson

“Too often, we purchase foods and snacks that claim to be healthy, but really aren’t because of high sugar content or over processing. Nutfull is a product that is actually as good for you as it says it is! All natural nuts and dried fruits in portion controlled servings.”.

Kamila Anderson
Kamila Anderson

“I love the way packages are prepared. A different mix every week in portion controlled packages. Fresh and delicious!”